The Intersection of Data & Design

Your data speaks volumes when paired with the right design techniques. You see, we know for a fact that there are stories living in your data - stories that can significantly change your business when you can finally understand and view them. We're here to help your data share those stories using intuitive, beautiful, and of course smart, dashboards. The crossroad of function and design is a magical place - where your data transforms from a grid of data into decision ready insight.


Putting the Visual in Analytics.

Here's a common situation: You get your hands on important data, and it’s awesome, (because – well it’s data, of course it’s awesome!). You’re excited to uncover what it’s trying to tell you, but after looking at it for a couple minutes (okay, hours) you’re left scratching your head.

What is it trying to tell you? Sound familiar?

Marquis dashboard design uses years of experience and design to ensure you’re trading “what am I looking at?” moments for “aha!” moments; where your data is easily explorable and instantly makes sense. Where questions become insights and decisions become clear.


Stunning, Intuitive & Functional Dashboards

We're all about bright colors and stunning visuals, but even the most beautiful dashboard in the world is worthless if it doesn't clearly and accurately tell the story behind the data. Great visual designs are thoughtfully and purposefully crafted and artistically designed from the inside out. Form, function, and beauty. Yes, you can have it all.


 The ‘Right’ Visualizations to Tell The Story

A cool looking chart, doesn't always translate to the best way to communicate your data. While we want your data to be jaw-dropping in design, we also need it to tell an effective and meaningful story.

The Marquis Data team will match the right visualization with the best design to enhance what your data is telling you - not take away from it.


Drill Deeper into Your Data

One of the most important things data can do is inspire us to ask “why?” Our dashboards are interactive, so you can dig deeper to understand the underlying causes to your visualizations. Want to explore an outlier in your data? No problem. Your data is all connected so you can discover and uncover - why.


Designed for Mobile First

Mobile is changing how we live and where we do business. We design our dashboards to display beautifully and intuitively regardless of your device. So go ahead, review your dashboards from your phone or tablet, and let your data come to you.




Seeing is believing.
Check out our dashboard examples.