We Live in a World of Fast.  

Why should your access to data be any different?

For your data to make the most impact in your organization, it shouldn’t live under lock and key. It should be live at the fingertips of your decision-makers, the doers, and the teams that can make a difference in your business. Meet self-serve analytics.

Self-serve analytics puts your data freely, and intelligently into the right people's hands. We like to call it democratizing your data.


Release your Data.

Your teams should not only have access to your data, they should be able to confidently manage it, dig deeper and uncover insights on the spot using Tableau. You don’t need a background in advanced statistics, analytics, or technology. You just need Marquis Data to set you up with the right data democratization strategy so you can become independent in your daily data interactions.



Yesterday, our data lived in different platforms, and places, and was managed by technical resources who were required to pull it and share when needed. Today, we are capable of so much more.

 Why Self-Serve Analytics? 


Remove the bottleneck
of one person or team owning your data 


Improve organizational accountability 


 Increase efficiency and make better decisions, faster 


Focus on decisions, not how to get your data 


From strategy to implementation, and best practices to training – when your data has been democratized, we celebrate.