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Downloadable Tableau Server Guide

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Watch & Learn


Prefer to watch short video clips with step-by-step instructions? Explore and view the top 10 quick tips for Tableau Server in the videos below. Happy learning!


Learn how to quickly access your most important resources for Tableau Server. Navigate through views, workbooks, data sources, and projects.

In this Quick Tip we'll teach you how to Search for content in Tableau: Use quick search to look for matching text in resource names, owners, tags, captions, comments, and other information across the site.

Learn how to add Favorites in Tableau Server.

Keep your most important dashboards at your fingertips by setting them as Favorites. Learn how to get fast access to the Tableau dashboards that are critical to your workflow, in a couple easy steps.

Filters help you get only the data that is most relevant to you. In this video, we'll show you how to interact with a few different types of filters that you might run into on your dashboards and reports.

Tableau lets us visualize and interact with our data dynamically to gain insight and get answers. In this video, we'll look at some examples of ways we can interact with our data.

Did you know you can save time by pre-filtering visualizations to your specific needs? When you set a customized view as your default, you'll save time by getting the data that you need upon opening the dashboard.

Tableau helps you see and understand your data. But do you ever wonder how Tableau got a number on your visualization? You can see all the data that's making up a particular mark by "Viewing the Underlying Data."

Did you know you can set up Tableau Server so that your data is delivered to you? Subscribe to a view and get an image of your most up-to-date dashboard delivered directly to your inbox.

In our last video, you learned about how to get the data you need delivered to your inbox, without having to visit Tableau Server. In this video, we'll show you another way to get your data out of Tableau Server - by downloading it.