Recharge your data vision, and breathe new life
into your Tableau implementation. 

You invested in Tableau, rightfully so, it’s awesome. You have a vision for a data driven culture (high five!). But, you’re not getting there as fast as you’d like. If this sounds like your experience, Marquis Data can help. We'll work with your team to quickly design and build an effective (and beautiful) dashboard, build a data source for use now and in the future, and train you on how we created it. Remind everyone, again, why your selection of Tableau was the right choice for your organization. Get your team back on track, with the Marquis Tableau Recharger.


Designed to maximize knowledge and minimize time to market with solutions (build real reports with your live data). The Marquis Tableau Recharger package will re-invigorate your organization around Tableau, help overcome obstacles that slow implementation, and deliver tangible results.


Custom Tableau Dashboard Creation


Together we'll design the most effective dashboard to share your data. Our Tableau experts will turn your vision into reality - meticulously building and delivering your production ready dashboard. Your dashboard will be built using your data, industry best practices, and certified Tableau techniques for a result you can have confidence in.

Tableau Data Source


We'll design and build a governed data source that you can re-use for future dashboards. Our data masters will make sure your data source is built correctly, so you can uncover the right story with your data, every time.

Tableau Workshop and Training


Once your new dashboard is complete, we'll teach you exactly how we made it through our hands on training workshop. Learn first hand how to manipulate, edit, or re-create similar dashboards. You end up with a fully functioning Tableau style dashboard, and the knowledge to make more when you need them.

Worried you might forget training after the workshop? No problem.
The Marquis Recharger comes with dedicated support hours, on-site at your location.  Leave training knowing that you have time reserved to ask any follow up questions you may have – on-site at your location, where we can give answers relevant to your business.

Reach your Tableau, data driven vision with Recharger.


Join our Tableau Community.


Custom Training

We're ready to help make your data decision ready. We offer on-site custom training and instructor lead training courses.

Jump in. We can't wait to help you use your data.


It's All About Community

We offer Tableau User Group sessions and online resources. It's fun to be a part of the large Tableau community, sharing insights, answering questions, and pushing ourselves to grow. Join us.


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