Marquis Moments

Celebrating the good that data can do.

Shaping the data-future of an Ultrahigh-pressure global giant.

Shape Technologies Group is the global leader in ultrahigh-pressure process solutions. They are leading the charge within their industry for intelligent manufacturing.

Our objective was to streamline and democratize the existing data landscape to empower better decision making at all levels of the organization.

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Through our partnership, we developed solutions that organized and democratized Shape’s data throughout the organization.



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Straight from Our Clients

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“The work Marquis Data has done resulted in a unified and global data platform, widespread analytics adoption, and business outcomes which couldn’t have been realized otherwise.”

Daric Schweikart
CIO & VP of Technology
SHAPE Technologies


“Marquis Data’s work has resulted in immediate reductions of working capital, reduced consignment inventory, and improved period-over-period sales. The solutions have saved countless hours and real P&L results.”

Jerry Cignarella
Polar Services


“Our partnership with Marquis Data has provided us with a platform that will support all our acquisitions, has allowed us to capture real-time changes in product costs, and has dramatically reduced the hours needed to generate our analysis. The leadership team is very excited to expand Marquis Data's role at ACPI.”

Mike Franklin
ACPI Products Inc.