Mobile Analytics Tableau Example Animation

Stay connected – with your data.

As decision makers, we don’t only work from our offices. We make decisions on production floors, in meetings, in restaurants, on airplanes, in different countries – everywhere.

Mobile analytics gives access to your Tableau dashboards across your various mobile devices, so your data goes where you do. Get mobile notifications and alerts on important business metrics, or easily ensure you’re proactively managing your business, from wherever you are.


Your dashboards are no longer tied to your computer. Manage your business better with your Tableau visualizations on your mobile devices.


Getting an inventory alert on your phone and immediately remedying stocking issues.


Pulling up your sales dashboard, and drilling down by territory on the spot, in an important off-site meeting.


Monitoring your team's performance with up to date, real-time data at your fingertips - make decisions on the go!


Get connected. Stay connected. Mobile Analytics with Marquis.