Embedded Analytics

Build a Data Hub.

Embedded analytics is more than a buzz word, it’s a practical solution to a common problem. Embedded analytics allows you to connect your Tableau dashboards into the solutions you already use, so you can view your data in one, convenient location. 

Your days of switching between multiple tools to answer a single question are over. Our team can plug your analytics right into your current platforms so you get the best singular vantage point to view your data.


Don’t Develop – Integrate. 

Hands down, Tableau’s visualizations are the best way to understand your data – so why reinvent the wheel?

Let Tableau worry about making awesome data software, (because that’s what they do on the daily), and your engineers can work on saving the world in other ways.

Meanwhile, our team at Marquis will help you create a seamless hub to view all of your data together. 

Integrate Embedded Analytics
Analytics Delivered

 Analytics delivered. 

Have a customer or vendor portal? Embed your Tableau analytics directly into your user interface.

Want to include your visualizations into your current apps? No problem. We'll display your data into one platform for easy, fast decision making.

Our team of experts are ready to make your team more efficient. Spend more time making important decisions, and less time trying to pull together your data.


Wondering if embedded analytics are right for you? Talk with one of our experts to learn more.