Get your Data in Shape.™ 
Transformation starts now. 


What kind of shape is your data in? If your organization is like many, your data is in need of a serious sweat session. Every day, month, year we continually collect data, but unless your putting that data to work for your business - you're not getting value from it. We're here to help you whip your data into shape and get it working for your business. Let's get your data in shape.


What is Data Shaping?

We're glad you asked. Data shaping is about rapidly organizing, collating, and structuring your data so it's ready for analytics and decision making - and it's an important "must do" for businesses in 2018.

Here's why: Unfortunately, not all data can be used in it's raw form. Surely, your business can't always wait for IT to build another data warehouse. Data shaping leverages tools and techniques to transform data quickly into the proper structure for your analysts. 

Whether its daily volumes, engagement, advocacy, IoT streaming, abandonment, or other data conditions, our team of experts at Marquis Data will train your data into shape.


Your Certified Tableau Experts.

We are experienced and certified in Tableau. Our primary focus is helping organizations design, create, implement, transform, and achieve -- with Tableau. From data to dashboards, training to doing, we're here and ready help. Learn more about our various service offerings.