What Kind of Shape is Your Data In?


If your organization is like many, your data is in need of some serious attention. Every day, month, and year we collect data, but unless you’re putting it to work for your business - you're not getting value from it. If your data is hiding in sporadic spreadsheets, drives, and systems, it's not doing you any favors. You see, your data is the key making better decisions, faster.  But, in order to do that, your data needs to be in the right state to tell a complete story.

Most teams we work with know data shaping needs to take place, but the idea of tackling it is daunting. It doesn't have to be. Your team at Marquis Data is ready to help you whip your data into shape and get it working for your business.


What is Data Shaping?

We're glad you asked. Data shaping is about rapidly organizing, collating, and structuring your data so it's ready for analytics and decision making .

Here's why: Unfortunately, not all data can be used in its raw form. Surely, your business can't always wait for IT to build another data warehouse. Data shaping leverages tools and techniques to transform data quickly into the proper structure for your analysts.

Whether its daily volumes, engagement, advocacy, IoT streaming, abandonment, or other data conditions, our team of experts at Marquis Data will train your data into shape.

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To use your data, start by making sure it’s ready for your analysts (and Tableau).
That’s a specialty of ours. We can help:



We connect your various spreadsheets and databases to ensure they are talking to one another



We collate, dedupe, and clean your masses of data to help make the best decisions



We make sure your data is ready to use in Tableau for effective visualizations


Free Accelerator for Tableau

Make the most of your Tableau trial. Our experts will work side-by-side with your team to help you fully understand the opportunities that exist when you introduce your data to Tableau – for free.


Your Certified Tableau Experts.

We are experienced and certified in Tableau. Our primary focus is helping organizations design, create, implement, transform, and achieve -- with Tableau. From data to dashboards, training to doing, we're here and ready help. Learn more about our various service offerings.


Let's Get your Data in Shape.
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