Tableau + Salesforce Dream Team.

We’re all about this landmark Marquis Moment.

What a monumental week for data, digital transformation, and for pure innovation. The world has been abuzz with the Salesforce acquisition of Tableau. It’s bubbling up on social media, over water cooler conversations, and headlining across major news outlets. Even people who don’t live and breathe data like we do, are talking about this significant union. And it’s easy to see why.

The combination of these two powerhouse organizations from a pure infrastructure standpoint is noteworthy, for sure. And all of the public statements of collaborative innovation and integrations between CRM, Service, AI, and Big Data warrant genuine excitement - but for us, that’s not the only part to give us goosebumps.

You see, we experience all the feels when we think about the way this union will fuel the transformation surrounding the ways people see, use, and experience data. The potential for technological breakthroughs resulting from the joining of these two strategically-aligned companies is palpable. Both are laser-focused on end-users and the idea of working together with them to drive data to new levels, and innovating on behalf of the people is what gives us chills.

At Marquis Data we are “all in” on Digital Transformation and helping our customers change and improve their businesses through Industry 4.0. It’s fulfilling to empower customers to do what they do best, and do to it quickly. To connect people, processes, and data in a meaningful and actionable way.

This monumental movement in the data world allows us to drive more value for others, and we are off the charts excited about it!

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