Welcome to the second post in our Marquis Academy training series on Quick Tips for Tableau Server.


Get straight to the data you’re looking for by using Quick Search on Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Quick search looks for matching text in resource names, owners, tags, captions, comments, and other information across the site, across all content types. 


Let's get started. To access quick search, select the magnifying glass in the blue navigation bar running along the top of your browser window. As you type, the top 3 or so items that match your search text appear, ordered by relevance, for each content type that it matches. These are the top three out of the total number of views that match your search text. You can see all of the views by selecting “See all” in the right corner of the results.

Tableau decides what pieces of content to display as the top 3 based on the number of page views, recent activity, and your favorites.  The number next to the star shows how many users have saved the view as a favorite, and when it's yellow, that's indicating that you have saved it as one of your favorites. Hover over an item to see a tooltip that tells you more about it.

Using quick search allows you to quickly search across all resource types. You can also use filtered searches for a more targeted search. Search filters are displayed along the left side of any resource page. Each resource page has a unique set of general filters that are relevant to the resource type. By Searching “sales” in the filtered search on the workbooks page, you can see all workbooks that match your search text, and can use these general filters to further narrow down results. You can select any project to display only the workbooks published to that project. Also, you can filter for a specific modification date, or use these checkboxes to further narrow results.

Tableau’s search feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Happy hunting!

Watch the video below for a visual explanation of how to quickly find the content you are looking for in Tableau. 

In this Quick Tip we'll teach you how to Search for content in Tableau: Use quick search to look for matching text in resource names, owners, tags, captions, comments, and other information across the site.

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