Welcome to the third post in our Marquis Academy training series on Quick Tips for Tableau Server.


If your organization is like most of our customers, your Tableau Server hosts hundreds of dashboards and reports. In our previous tip, we covered using Tableau’s search and browse feature to find the content you want. Keep your most important dashboards at your fingertips by setting them as Favorites!


The “Favorite” feature is very similar to bookmarking a link on your web browser.

To set a view as a Favorite, simply navigate to a view and select the star. You can also ‘Favorite’ the whole workbook by navigating to the workbook page. Saving a view or a workbook as a Favorite adds it to a personalized, curated list of content that you can access quickly and easily from any page on Tableau Server or Tableau Online – just by selecting the star to the right of your username in the upper right corner of the browser. Notice that views and workbooks are distinguished by the icons next to the titles of the content.

When you’re using the global quick search feature covered in our last video, your Favorites will be prioritized in your search results.

So, if you’ve got a dashboard that’s critical to your workflow, go ahead and mark it as a Favorite! Favorites make navigating Tableau Server that much easier – and faster! Happy Hunting!

Learn how to add Favorites in Tableau Server.

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