Welcome to the ninth post in our Marquis Academy training series on Quick Tips for Tableau Server.


In this series, you’ve learned a lot about how to navigate Tableau Server to get the data that you need. But did you know that you can also let your data come to you? Subscribe to a view to get an image of your most up-to-date dashboard delivered directly to your inbox.


To get your data delivered to your inbox, simply click on the envelope icon. You have a few options in this dialog box – subscribe to just this view, or to the whole workbook. You can also select a schedule for the delivery cadence. If you don’t see the schedule you need, contact your Tableau Server administrator. You can customize the subject line of your email. You may also have the option to subscribe others, although note that you can only subscribe users with an active Tableau Server license.

If you don’t see the envelope icon, your Tableau Server may not be configured for subscription. Contact your Tableau Server administrator for any questions related to that option.

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll get an email from Tableau Server on the cadence you chose, featuring an image of the most up-to-date version of your dashboard. The image delivered is static. However, to interact with the visualization all you have to do is click directly on the image. The image functions as a link navigating to the view hosted on Tableau Server in your web browser, where you can ask more questions of your data. Happy hunting!

Did you know you can set up Tableau Server so that your data is delivered to you? Subscribe to a view and get an image of your most up-to-date dashboard delivered directly to your inbox.

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